It is officially summer, despite the rare absence of the sun in So. Cal, and here are some fun and affordable activities to take part in:   Enjoy a Sunrise/Sunset Visit Museums Read a Novel Beach Photoshoot Admire Fireworks Visit Downtown Disney Get a Henna Tattoo or DIY Drive-In Movie Theatre Visit the Fair Thrift […]

This Sunday I visited San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art. Even my high hopes underestimated this museum. There were several astounding levels of diverse art. I was contemplating visiting SF MOMA today and I am grateful that I decided to take the trip to downtown SF. I captured some of my favorite artworks along with […]

My birthday is July 31st and I’ve created a list of things I want to accomplish before then. I will upload a blog every time I complete something on my list. Granted, I’ve done a few of these things before but I want to do them again before I turn 22.   – Kayla Phillips […]