If you do not have a high GPA and/or LSAT, do not count yourself out the running for competitive law schools. Not only has it gotten even more difficult to be accepted to undergraduate institutions, the competition for admission into masters and Juris Doctorate programs has gotten tougher as well. Most applicants have a high GPA […]

I wrote this blog post in February but I was hesitant to post it so soon. I had just begun to hear back from law schools and I didn’t want to jump the gun on how I dealt with waiting for admissions decisions. Now that I’ve heard from 7 of the 8 law schools that […]

One of the biggest tips I have for creating your list of potential law schools is to consider location. Where do you want to practice law? When I first began the process of putting a list of schools together, I considered many schools for the wrong reasons. I thought about which schools had the best […]

After your first diagnostic LSAT: When you realized you fell for the trap answer in Logical Reasoning …so you kick your studying into high-gear. When you open the email with your LSAT score and realize everything is going to be okay: *sigh of relief* When you start writing your personal statement: But then you write […]

  One of the biggest keys to a stress-free law school application process is to start early. Most applications open during the month of September. Unfortunately, that is also when most undergraduate students begin fall classes and many applicants take the LSAT. It is safe to say that stress levels for prospective law students are […]