I think a lot of people are so quick to cut relationships out of their lives, that they do not give them a chance to grow. I think people in society are training themselves to be immune to pain caused my others, or at least making themselves believe that they are immune to pain […]

I am beginning a blog series called “Expectation VS. Reality: First Generation College Student Edition”. Consider this blog in a brief introduction to the series. Being a first generation college student teaches students more than just what they learn in the classroom. I think a lot of first generation college students are pushed in the […]

I have composed a list of my favorite assigned readings as an English major. I did not include any of the interesting written works I’ve read post-grad. The compositions on this list range from 10th-century plays written in Old English to 21st century theoretical essays. I enjoyed reading each of these works for different reasons. […]

I’m going to travel back one year to when I was an undergraduate student. My schedule changed drastically during my junior and senior year of undergrad but three things remained the same: I was a full-time student (taking at least five classes), I worked approximately 20 hours a week and I participated in collegiate track […]

Just hearing or reading the word “networking” makes my heart beat faster. I used to hate the concept of networking. Why couldn’t I just stay at home and rely on merit to get me through the door? I learned that while merit gets people acknowledged and is an indicator of one’s future performance, building lasting […]

One of the major themes for my blog is self-confidence and self-love. As I’ve stated in other blogs, I am working toward improving my overall self confidence. Today I’ve created a short list of things that I do to improve my self confidence. Hopefully this list encourages girls working toward similar goals. Make a List […]

There is a rising natural hair presence in social media and I find this increasing self-acceptance and cultural empowerment exhilarating. There is a group of women and men giving advice through the internet and influencing more lives than they know. Imagine the 12 year old black girl that sits in front of her computer screen […]