IMG_5946Singer, songwriter, and composer, Nyah Wilson, expresses her long-standing interest in music, her exploration of the arts, her international experiences, her growth as an artist, and a few of her musical career goals. Nyah’s musical interest was present during her first memories. She says “I can’t remember not being interested in singing.” She has always used writing as a form of therapy and found a poetic quality in her writing. She says she writes to express herself and formulates phrases to match her emotions. She began feeling like words were insufficient to express certain emotions and thus aims to elicit feelings rather than portray reality in her music. She compares her style of music to Impressionist paintings, which contain similar artistic goals of emphasizing sentiment over reality. Nyah wants her listeners to be taken away from reality and accept the notion that the things we imagine in our heads can be real.

Nyah heightened the exploration of her passions throughout high school as she participated in various art programs including classical choirs, a capella, vocal jazz groups, dance, theater, and fine art. At Pepperdine University, she collaborated with other student artists and taught herself how to use various software and thus enhanced her composition skills. She also scored for dozens of films and became an award-winning composer after scoring for the international film “Night Lights”. She says finding her voice through films helped her find her voice as an artist.

Nyah’s EP “Real Now” is original and refreshing. Her inspiration stems from her inner world, early exposure to iconic music, as well as contemporary artists like Frank Ocean, Banks, and The Japanese House.

Nyah’s next set of goals are to work on her live performances and collaborate with admired artists. She studied abroad in Florence, Italy and Sydney, Australia. She has traveled to several other countries in Europe. Now she aspires to return and perform in the inspirational places that she has visited abroad.

Nyah’s EP ‘Real Now” is now available on Tidal, Apple Music/iTunes, Spotify, Google Play/YouTube, SoundCloud, Amazon Music, Pandora, and iHeartRadio. Download it and Enjoy!

See more of Nyah’s content, including music videos and film scores, on her website:




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