I think a lot of people are so quick to cut relationships out of their lives, that they do not give them a chance to grow. I think people in society are training themselves to be immune to pain caused my others, or at least making themselves believe that they are immune to pain caused by others. We are so quick to cut people off that we end every relationship or friendship after one bump in the road. Many of us do not want to accept the fact that our friends can hurt us, and if they do hurt us, we make every effort to avoid similar pain from anyone in the future ie: distancing ourselves and veering away from intimate conversations.

Contrary to what a lot of people believe, friendships take a lot of effort. I would argue that friendships between young adults are the most difficult to maintain because we are just starting to build our lives: we are completing our education, building our careers, traveling, beginning families, et cetera. Friendships are not exactly a priority against school and professional work. Also, since a lot of people do not realize that friendships take a lot of effort, they, subsequently, do not exert much effort. Nonetheless, people invest in things that they find value in, Therefore, a lack of effort implies a lack of perceived value of the relationship.


– Kayla Phillips

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