It is officially summer, despite the rare absence of the sun in So. Cal, and here are some fun and affordable activities to take part in:   Enjoy a Sunrise/Sunset Visit Museums Read a Novel Beach Photoshoot Admire Fireworks Visit Downtown Disney Get a Henna Tattoo or DIY Drive-In Movie Theatre Visit the Fair Thrift […]

Lost friendships are like bad breakups; a lot of them do not have any closure. They just fizzle away over time. Close to the end of the year, I always see tweets and Instagram posts about cutting people off and leaving people (friendships) in the year that is soon to pass. It is an easy […]

Now that I have completed my law school application process, received responses from every school that I have applied to, and paid my seat deposits, a heavy load has been lifted from my tired shoulders. I have been accepted to several schools, something that I didn’t know was possible last year, and I am no […]

  I think a lot of people are so quick to cut relationships out of their lives, that they do not give them a chance to grow. I think people in society are training themselves to be immune to pain caused my others, or at least making themselves believe that they are immune to pain […]