One of the major themes for my blog is self-confidence and self-love. As I’ve stated in other blogs, I am working toward improving my overall self confidence. Today I’ve created a short list of things that I do to improve my self confidence. Hopefully this list encourages girls working toward similar goals.

Make a List of Accomplishments/ Write in a Gratitude Journal

 Write out a list of things you have accomplished. This can be a list of recent and small accomplishments like sticking to your diet for the day, or large accomplishments such as earning a dean’s honor award. Also, do not exclude an accomplishment just because you do it everyday. If you are always on time for your 8 am class, that is a new accomplishment everyday and should not be taken for granted. 


Enhance My Natural Beauty & Treat Myself

Many people say that others should not rely on superficial characteristics to make them feel good about themselves. I agree. Do not rely SOLELY on superficial characteristics to improve self-confidence. You will never be satisfied. With that being said, I cannot deny that I feel fantastic after a candle lit bath, a fresh hairstyle, or a mani-pedi. Treat yo-self.

Listen to Uplifting Music & Sing Along

Whenever I need a quick confidence booster, I list to uplifting music and sing along. Uplifting music varies for different people; it is whatever you relate to. I listen to QUEENBEY.


Go on a Social Media Hiatus

 I might write a seperate blog about this. Social media is a blessing and a curse. Social media allows you to see into others’ “lives”. I quote “lives” because it is a false impression or fabricated version of people’s lives. Of course other people’s lives look perfect. When was the last time you posted one of your imperfections? Social media used to be a self-harming tool for me to compare myself to others and wonder why I did not have the material things, lifestyles and careers that other people have. I had to decide the amount of influence social media had on me. Now I am changing my mindset to stop comparing myself to others and, at times, I find it best to just delete the apps for a while.

Create Something to Be Proud Of 

I feel confident and accomplished when I post a new blog or write anything for that matter. I think creating something (music, poetry, art, etc.) that you are proud of gives you a sense of confidence that no one can take away from you.


I am not a fitness guru or even a consistent gym goer but lately I’ve noticed myself feeling more confident after I leave the gym. I feel confident when I push myself a little harder than I did during my previous workout. I may have felt nervous about increasing the speed on the treadmill or adding the extra weight to the squat rack but afterwards I know that I am capable.

Verbalize Positive Affirmations

This tip is pretty straight forward. I think positive affirmations should be personal. Lately I’ve been focusing on viewing my insecurities a positive light. Instead of ignoring these things I’ll learn to love them. My mom introduced this idea to me and suggests looking in the mirror when verbalizing positive affirmations and I find this advice helpful.



Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 11.42.41 PM.png

Kayla J. Philips ♥

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