8F62B632-D892-4F7F-86D7-C0DC689E8AD2There is a rising natural hair presence in social media and I find this increasing self-acceptance and cultural empowerment exhilarating. There is a group of women and men giving advice through the internet and influencing more lives than they know. Imagine the 12 year old black girl that sits in front of her computer screen and sees other black girls loving and caring for their hair and is inspired to do the same. Imagine the single dad who carefully watches beginner friendly tutorials to learn how to braid his daughters hair. I am inspired when I catch a snippet of a hair tutorial on Instagram’s explore page. There is an immeasurable and admirable influence that social media has on the accessibility of information regarding natural hair care. From hair product reviews to protective style DIY videos, social media has become a mecca for natural girls.

There is such a wide range of youtube channels and each youtuber has their own niche in the natural hair world. Some youtubers focus on protective styles like weaves, wigs, braids, twists, etc. while others focus on organic natural hair products and routines that promote growth. Nonetheless, there is a YouTube channel or video for the kinky curly, the short, the damaged, the transitioning, and the permed follicle.

Along with this beautiful presence of black girl’s natural hair care in social media, I think it is equally important to realize that we black girls can still bleach our hair platinum blonde, we can still perm and chop our hair for that flirty pixie cut and we can wear colorful extensions down to our knees if we want. I think liberation is the key. It is letting ourselves have the freedom to do what we want with our hair without feeling bound or ashamed. This looks different for everyone. While one person feels empowered while rocking a TWA another beautiful soul may feel liberated when she experiments with colors. Black hair is extremely versatile so we can and should experiment with it as much as we want. At the end of the day, the hair on your head belongs to no one walking on this planet except you!

Kayla J. Phillips

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