This weekend I visited the University of San Diego School of Law. It is such a beautiful and charming campus in a beautiful town. This visit was my third law school visit so far and I am realizing that one of my favorite parts about visiting law schools, outside of learning new information about the school and the prospect of attending, is meeting people in the same situation as me. I’ll admit that I am very in tune with my emotions. With that being said, there is a surreal feeling meeting in the main hall of a law school, possibly your new home away from home for the next three years, with dozens of other eager admitted students.

Now, I am definitely not a social butterfly and I am usually shy when I meet people for the first time and until I get comfortable. However, when I start talking about something that I am interested in and passionate about, you would not be able to tell that I am introverted. It is like a wall of awkwardness is knocked down when someone brings up a topic that I am passionate about. At these events, the wall is already down because we’re all visiting for the same reasons and for the most part, we’re all passionate about the law in some form.

Meeting people in the same situation as me establishes a common ground and makes conversation a lot easier. (I know it sounds like I tore a page right out of a Psych 101 textbook lol.) It can also be very helpful in the law school touring process. I love the idea of exchanging ideas and group learning. In my experience, a lot of the newly admitted students at the schools I’ve visited have applied to and been accepted to many of the same schools as me. For the most part, we are all touring the same schools (in California). They have insightful tips about traveling to schools that I have yet to visit, how to afford multiple seat deposits, etc. Everyone is going through a similar journey, we’re all excited about the opportunity in front of us and it’s fun to meet people that I may eventually end up going to school with.


Kayla J. Phillips


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